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Real Gastric Band surgery costs up to £8000 and has the same level of risk associated with any other major surgical procedures that use general anaesthetic and also the risk of contracting MRSA and DVT.


The Hypnotic Band procedure works the same as surgical banding. By a restricting the volume of food a person wants to eat they find they are fuller quicker and so loose the excess weight easily.


I understand that for some people their weight is purely and simply down to what they eat i.e. a diet full of crisps and chocolate. But for many people it is down to the amount of food which they eat and this includes crisps and chocolate. So for most active people the odd bag of crisps etc is not going to do any harm but many of my clients don't stop at one bag or one bar of chocolate. Everything is done in multiples and that is what leads to the significant weight gain which some people experience.


When a person has a gastric band fitted of course they are given dietary advice but the main way in which the band works is by stopping you want to eat too much.


With The Hypnotic Gastric Band procedure, I tap into the power of the unconscious mind. This is the part of your mind which controls all the bodily functions which are happening right now but which you are not aware of. When you tap into this incredibly powerful part of the mind and help a person to effectively visualise their stomach being reduced down to the size of a golf ball and only able to expand to the size of their fist then the body starts to make minute changes to ensure that this is how it responds to food in the future. In effect you approach every aspect of your life just like you have a gastric band fitted.


Although the process is easy and very simple to understand, just like any form of  change work it does require some input from yourself and as such you must be COMMITTED and DETERMINED to lose the weight you have been carrying for too long.


I have many previous clients who are happy to speak to anyone thinking of having this life changing experience, to tell them how the Procedure worked for them.


The sessions consist of 3 different hypnotic sessions leading to the final virtual operation, after which you will believe you have had a gastric band fitted.


So if you want to get that bikini body you've always longed for, to shift that baby weight you're trying to lose or look great for Christmas then give us a call, you won't regret it.




Are you looking to lose weight without fad-diets? Going under the knife?            Or having to hire a personal trainer? Then book yourself in for a Hypnotic Gastric Ban

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