Here are just some of the conditions which hypnotherapy maybe of help with:

Addictions Migraine
Anger                                  Mood Swings                        
Anxiety Nail Biting
Asthma Nausea
Back Pain Nervousness


Blood Pressure (High and Low)                    Overweight
Bluimia Panic Attacks
Bruxism Panic Disorder
Cancer Pain Control  
Childbirth Pain Personality Disorder 
Childhood Trauma Phobias
Children with problems Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    
Confidence Public Speaking
Depression Sexual Abuse
Eczema Sexual Problems
Emotional Problems Sales performance 
Endometriosis Sexual Problems
Exam Nerves Sports Improvement
Frigidity Stammering
Fear of Dentistry Stage Fright
Fear of Flying Stress
Frustration Stuttering                            
Grief  Sexual Dysfunction
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Quitting Smoking
Impotence Underweight
Insomnia Vomiting
Memory Problems Vertigo
PMT. Menopause Weight Management


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