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Hypnotherapy can effectively alleviate the fear, panic and dread of travelling by aeroplane. By the careful use of suggestion and visualisation whilst you are in the relaxed but in control and aware hypnotic state the subconscious mind can be, in effect taught to respond and act differently when it comes to flying.

2 sessions of hypnotherapy can eliminate the the vicious circle of detesting having to fly and the sheer fright associated with flying.


By eliminating the old negative thought patterns associated with flying you can feel in control from booking the airline ticket to actually getting into the plane, taking off and landing on the other side.


This program comes complete with CD recording "Freedom to Fly"


Capital Hypnotherapy's confidence program has proven itself time after time to help restore and boost confidence whatever the root cause of the lack of confidence. 


Utilizing suggestion and N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) the program has restored confidence in clients who have lost confidence in themselves, their abilities and their self worth.


Our aim is to help both those with long term low self esteem and confidence and those having lost their confidence recently for no apparent reason and who wish to restore their former level of self confidence.


Although many people notice change after the first session, our confidence program is best undertaken as part of a course of session over 3 to 6 weeks.  Hypnotherapy is entirely natural, safe and relaxing.  Clients remain conscious and in complete control throughout.

I am more than happy with the progress I have made on all issues related such as confidence etc.

90% improvement J.E.

This three week course of therapy sessions has proved invaluable I now feel my confidence and self esteem has grown to a point I didn’t realise existed! My day to day life seems more worthwhile and enjoyable and I am now looking to the future rather than the past. Thank you!

100% improvement R.A.

I feel very positive about the whole experience. I am confident that I have got my concerns into perspective. 

100% improvement N.R.

I feel a lot more confident and positive. I think this treatment has helped to eliminate my fears of the past and future. It has helped me cope with problems I would normally stress out over and deal with them in a more rational and sensible manner.  

100% improvement A.R.

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