Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

How can Hypnotherapy help with Anxiety and Stress?


Our tailored approach uses a range of proven hypnotherapy techniques to gently but clearly identify and respond to the actual root causes of your reaction to situations rather than just generically treating your symptoms.   It's easier than you might imagine and our individual approach creates lasting effects.


It is important to recognise that a level of anxiety and stress is a normal, if difficult, part of life.  It can affect individuals in different ways and at different times.


  • Anxiety is something that can persist, whether or not the cause is clear
  • Stress is something that will come and go in line with the external factors causing it (be it work, relationship or money problems)


Anxiety and stress are reactions to real or imagined danger and they are the automatic physical responses (fight or flight mechanism) that have existed within us from our cave-man days. The fight or flight response was very useful for keeping us safe when we were being chased by hungry predators and we needed a physical response.


But in modern days, where we worry about redundancy and the world's economic problems and don’t need that physical reaction, ongoing anxiety and stress can have a negative impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.


We can teach you some quick and easy self-help techniques that will help you to take control of your reactions when in situations that you might find difficult.

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